The Dukan Diet Fast Weight loss program — Read This If you’re On the Fencing

The Dukan diet is hot news, there are many people defining the diet plan as their weight loss messiah and there are others panning the diet plan regimen as a fad and flash in the skillet. Well, as far as flash in the skillet goes, I don’t worry clean9 forever living about the 10 year history of the fast fat loss program, nor do i give a fig about the tens of thousands evangelizing the Dukan. I have a year of experience myself and I have the combined accounts of 1000s of people on our Dukan diet milk forum all standing by the diet and providing evidence that yes, this regimen does work. All I worry about is genuine people, honestly sharing their Dukan dieting experiences.

And in this spirit, I’d like to share some experiences myself. There’s been some criticism that people who lose weight on the Dukan diet put weight back on. Well, hello, welcome to real life. There are people who go on diets, who successfully lose weight and then go back to their old ways and, inevitably, the weight comes home. What’s wrong with this?

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with this… nothing!

It makes me wonder what planet these critics of the Dukan diet are on when they lay into people who lost weight on the Dukan diet but then put some fat back on. This can happen to anyone. Sometimes, for some people, events and circumstances take precedence and guess what happens? The diet plan sometimes doesn’t seem so important. And Amen fot it.

I’ve always, from the first post on this Dukan diet milk to this post, maintained that if your diet solution is causing you to be miserable, or if your weight suddenly isn’t the most important thing in your life, then make a change. I’ve met enough wonderful and beautiful people who are, what our Society calls, overweight, whom I’ve respected and valued that we know for sure that size and shape matters little when it comes to assessing a person’s worth. I’ve also met people for whom their weight and shape makes them miserable and they want to change.

For the people who wish to change… and only to them and for the sole reason that they want to change, I recommend the Dukan diet. Why? Because, it is the fastest, easiest and most life-changing weight loss solution I have ever experienced.

If you want to lose weight — like I desired to lose weight when i was 30lbs heavier than I felt pleased with — then the Dukan diet must be a candidate for consideration.

Critics of the diet claim that it isn’t balanced. My answer to that? If you’re overweight, if you’re living off takeaway food, snacks, chocolate and puddings — how balanced is your diet right now? The Dukan diet features vegetables and then fruits, whole-wheat loaf of bread and oat bran in a way than makes these ingredients warmly anticipated and looked forward to. Before I went on the Dukan diet, I disliked and avoided all vegetables and fruit. Now these foods are a cherished part of my every week menu.

Being overweight most of my adult life, I flitted from diet to diet either never losing any significant weight or losing 30 lbs . and then putting it all back on again within weeks of ending the diet plan.

The Dukan Diet isn’t like this. Why? Well I believe that the reason that this diet differs from the others happens because the Dukan diet, unlike other diets, teaches you to understand, enjoy and look forward to healthy vegetables and fruit.

I thought I was a improbable case. In my thirties and occur my ways. I knew what foods I liked and wanted and nothing would change this. In fact, I felt improbable. I thought that this was the way I was and increasing weight gain would be an inevitable area of my well being.

Well I was wrong!

And I thank goodness I discovered the Dukan diet.

The Dukan diet changed the way I think about food — for the better — and it was this change that allowed me to lose weight, and keep the weight off, so easily. I aquired the official book, for less than I previously spent on one meal at McDonalds, KFC, or Cheese pizza King, and followed the plan. Within the first week I was visibly losing weight without feeling hunger. This became the easiest and fastest diet I had most people have struggled on!

But the biggest surprise for me was my anticipation — the way I looked forward to — healthy and nutritious vegetables. And this was not because I was eager! Far from it. Before starting this diet, I used to awaken not feeling eager just to feel depriving a hour or so later. For all of those other day, all I could think about was food. By the end of the day I’d eaten so much I felt stuffed and fat. I was seriously affected with the symptoms of over-indulgence — heartburn, gerd and bloatedness.

Within a day or so of beginning the diet plan I’d not only said goodbye to these unpleasant symptoms but I’d lost those powerful food-cravings that made my well being so miserable.

I learned to understand what I was putting into my mouth and my taste-buds started over. Within a month or more eating healthy and nutritious food was not some far-off hope but a daily reality.

I believe that the success of the Dukan diet is purely down to results. The way this regimen works is straightforward, however some appear to believe that it is some kind of diet ‘magic’. The high protein content and low carbs makes the body feel full and satisfied quicker. The common Western diet, it seems to me, is full of fat and carbohydrates, two things that increase appetite rather than satisfy it — why do you think restaurants offer greasy snacks like peanuts to encourage the appetite?

With the appetite naturally covered up, I believe we have an opportunity to stop and think about what we’re eating without constantly craving those delicious but lethal sweet and greasy snacks.

The Dukan diet is a fast weight loss diet. This means that people should notice that you’ve lost weight within days of beginning the regimen. What better motivation to keep ongoing than thinking about what you’ve already accomplished?

I used to easily give up diets after a few weeks simply because I was craving food and couldn’t see that I’d actually accomplished anything by depriving myself! In fact you receive nothing by depriving yourself. Any weight you initially lose will be put back on. This diet is not a undernourishment diet — you can eat as much as you want while following the Dukan regimen! While eating unless you feel like stopping, if you follow this diet, you’ll be losing weight. And the weight loss should be quick! Imagine being 3 weeks into a new diet, with friends and acquaintances already enhancing you on your obvious weight loss! How easily would you give that achievement up?

The Dukan diet is not a miracle diet. Nor is it some magical weight loss program that guarantees you’ll shed with pounds with no effort. But in my opinion, and the opinion of hundreds of people using our forum alone, the Dukan diet is the easiest, fastest and most satisfying weight loss program currently out there.

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